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Support Programs

At Palmerston Senior College, students wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do.

We have a group of dedicated individuals and a diverse range of programs that support students to realise their potential, learn to manage personal success and challenge, and engage productively both at school and in their external community.

Our team of dedicated support staff have an open door policy to students, families and carers.

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Our Support Team

Aboriginal Islander Education Worker: As part of our commitment to building quality education and career pathways for our Indigenous students, our Aboriginal Islander Education Worker (AIEW) assists by communicating effectively with Indigenous students, their families and teachers. Working as a key part of the team assisting in planning, coordinating and implementing strategies and programs that contribute to maximising Indigenous students learning outcomes.

Careers Counsellor: A primary goal at PSC is to prepare and assist students in their chosen  career and study post school pathway. Our Careers Counsellor works to plan, develop and oversee the implementation of career development programs. By providing careers information, resources and advice, our Careers Counsellor ensures students are well prepared when making decisions regarding a career that suits their interests, abilities and aspirations.

Clontarf Academy: Home of the Palmerston Clontarf Academy. Established in 2009 the Academy caters for indigenous boys. Using football as a vehicle, Clontarf Academy’s focus is to  encouraging behavioural change, developing positive attitudes, assisting students to complete school and secure employment.

Defence Transition Mentor: We are aware of the unique educational needs of students whose parents work within the Australian Defence Force, due in part to their mobile lifestyle and long absences of a parent due to deployment and training. Our dedicated Defence Transition Mentor works to ensure that the transition into PSC is as smooth as possible for students and their families.

English as a Second Language: Our EAL team is committed to ensuring that any student who speaks English as a second language can participate and achieve maximum results in mainstream subjects across all curriculum areas. Providing a broad level of support to new arrivals to Australia and urban indigenous students including support with assignments, during study sessions and, when necessary, in class support.

Home Liaison Office: We have a dedicated Home Liaison Officer working across the college supporting students and families who, from time-to-time, may require a little extra support to maximise attendance and engagement. This support helps students achieve their educational best, increasing their career and life options.

Library Team: Our Teacher Librarian role is to hone students research and information literacy skills, teaching efficient research skills, avoidance of plagiarism and discernment in the choice if source information. Assisting student’s research and referencing queries and providing support for teachers by sourcing resources to support a range of student needs, our library team play a significant role supporting our student outcomes.

Palmerston Girls Academy: The Palmerston Girls Academy is a unique program developed specifically for Indigenous girls at school. The program focuses on mentoring, sport, outside activities, workplace training as well as leadership and teamwork opportunities. Academy staff work with students as positive role models and mentors, assisting with school and personal life and providing a  sympathetic and friendly ear.

School Counsellor: Our full-time school counsellor is instrumental in creating a secure and successful learning environment for all our students.  Providing support for students well-being including emotional, behavioural and family issues, stress, social skills, grief and physical and mental health issues. Adolescence can be a challenging journey to navigate for both students and carers, however the reward of supporting the journey to young adulthood, is great indeed.

Student Leadership Team: The student leadership team is well respected at PSC. Elected by fellow students, their role is to represent all students at the school and organise ways for students to fully participate in school life. The Student Leadership Team is actively involved in all aspects of school life and work with both students and teachers to provide a  voice students ideas and improve school life.

Year Level Coordinators: At Palmerston Senior College, every year level is supported by a Year Level Coordinator. With a focus on student mental and physical well-being, year level coordinators design plans targeted at student engagement and promoting study skills to assist students in reaching their goals.