...a futures focused senior secondary college

Skills Programs

The centre boasts a broad range of skills, employment and leisure programs to ensure that students develop a range of life skills and experiences to better prepare them for their post school life.

Daily Living Skills Program

The Daily Living Skills Program is the foundation of our skills based program. Through a blended program of explicit teaching and practical exposure, students develop their independence, confidence and well being.

Students pay $25 per week to cover specific practical programs such as meals and class cooking. They learn how to budget, shop and prepare school recess and lunches for the week.

Through the Daily Living Skills Program students are provided information and  hands on exposure to:

  • Banking and budgeting
  • Cooking and household tasks
  • Menu planning, current affairs and news
  • Bus travel, learning timetables and reading maps
  • Grooming, personal hygiene, health and human relations
  • Protective behaviours and using SoSAFE! Skills

Community Access Program

A major part of the Daily Living Skills Program is the Community Access Program, teaching students key life skills such as:

  • Accessing and using public transport
  • Budgeting, banking and saving, using each week’s program money
  • Shopping and locating regularly used places
  • Road safety
  • Learning  and reinforcing appropriate social behaviours by eating out and visiting varied public environments

Work Experience

SEC offers the opportunity for students to experience the work environment through a range of programs. These programs are either school, enclave or community based, or run through the Handicapped Persons’ Association, now known as Helping People Achieve (HPA).

These  programs provide an important transition step between school and independent work for those who need a higher degree of support or supervision.

Enterprise Education

Another way that students can experience the work environment is through the Enterprise Education Program, a self sustaining program that encourages the development of important social and commercial skills whilst  providing students a valuable creative outlet.

One of the the premier programs ‘Totally SEC’,  sees students produce and manufacture  high quality gift cards that are sold to visitors and a number of local retail outlets. Students are actively involved in the entire process from painting the inserts, through to marketing the cards in the community.

Leisure and Recreation

Our focus is the well being of the whole student, which includes the development of recreation skills. Our leisure and recreation program encompass a wide variety of activities both in and outside the school including:

  • Swimming
  • Bowling
  • Art
  • Music
  • Interschool Sports Day
  • PARR school sport events
  • YMCA Rec Centre


SoSAFE! is a nationally recognised social skills program that is implemented in SEC with students so that there is a shared knowledge and language regarding what activities are appropriate with what people.

Communication Program

A range of communication means are utilised within the Centre including Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) for those with limited functional speech, sign language, assistive technologies, and traditional forms of communication.

iPad Program

Each class is assigned iPads for students to work on targeted, relevant educational iPad applications. Those students with communication needs are assigned an iPad full time and they can use Proloquo2go to assist in communication.