...a futures focused senior secondary college


The Special Education Centre (SEC) is a purpose built centre on the grounds of Palmerston Senior College catering for the needs of students with disabilities in both the Middle and Senior years of schooling. Read more about our enrolment criteria.

Our comprehensive curriculum program is values based, ensuring that all students are provided with the full range of life skills and tools that foster independence. Our focus is on ensuring our students are supported whilst developing an appropriate pathway for the future.


Palmerston Senior College SEC muralThree key values drive the curriculum and programs conducted at the Special Education Centre: Independence, Respect and Wellbeing.

The foremost value is Independence. The focus of education planning for all students is  to ensure each individual is able to achieve maximal independence in their living skills, functional academics, physical activity, self-care and future lifestyle. Closely underpinning Independance are the values of Respect and Wellbeing. Respect includes self-respect, respect for property and respect for others. The focus on wellbeing ensures that each child’s mental and physical well being being optimised.