...a futures focused senior secondary college

Why PSC?

Palmerston Senior College strives to provide a holistic education for all students with a focus on pursuing personal excellence.  Although education is a very personal choice, we believe that there are many good reasons to choose PSC.

Proven History

Although a relatively new school, we already have a built a robust reputation as a school that offers excellent opportunities with outstanding programs, support, teachers and facilities. PSC students graduate with confidence and maturity and a broad range of skills to enable them to embrace the challenges that lie beyond the school gates.

Range of Pathways

We are not just a school for academic pathways, we are a school for everyone. Our ‘supporting students success’ program ensures that our students talents and interests are fostered. We work together throughout the senior program  to ensure that students are supported in achieving their desired post school pathway.

Consistent Results

Our results speak for themselves.  Our programs excite students to explore and extend their potential as they grow from dependence to independence. As a result, year on year results across the board have been on an upward trend.

High Quality Teaching

At PSC we believe our staff are our most valuable resource. We are committed to selecting and supporting the best teachers who are passionate and dedicated to recognising  the unique strengths and qualities of each student. Teachers are provided with high quality professional learning opportunities to ensure they remain aware of the most authoritative research into teaching and learning. Staff are encouraged to develop their professional expertise in a collaborative environment and we actively seek to share our expertise, facilities and resources to create a vibrant educational community.

Student Care and Support

PSC’s student care and support program is very comprehensive. All programs are designed to recognise each student’s unique qualities and to provide them with the specific care, attention and support they requires at the various stages of their school life. Ultimately, when our students leave PSC, they are emotionally and socially mature, equipped with knowledge and experience to make a successful and confident transition to the world after school.

Excellent Facilities

Our custom built facilities allow students to immerse themselves in school life, allowing them to explore and enrich their areas of interest. From the traditional classroom environment, to the laboratories and sports grounds to the special education centre, our students have all the physical resources at hand to explore where their talents lie.

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