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IPS School

Palmerston Senior College is proud to have accepted as an inaugural Independent Public School in the Northern Territory.

Awarded on merit following a rigorous selection process throughout 2014, we are now fully authorised to exercise a greater level of autonomy in many key areas including staff selection, management and development.

PSC is still a proud part of the public education system and we adhere to both industrial and legislative requirements. However we have different accountability and governance structures that allow greater autonomy in decision making. The end result is improved outcomes for students.

Parents and school community members have enhanced roles in school governance through a performance-focused school board hosting a range of expertise which assists to strengthen overall school performance and the delivery of quality education at PSC.


Palmerston Senior College is in the fortunate position to have the support of the connectED Partnership Board and the College Council.

connectED Partnership Board:
The connectED Partnership Board was launched in July 2015. It is a board structure that overlays three partnering schools – Palmerston Senior College, Rosebery Middle and Woodroffe Primary School. The board has as its purpose ‘to proactively lead innovation in the seamless delivery of educational outcomes through the opportunities of joint partnerships across Woodroffe Primary School, Rosebery Middle School and Palmerston Senior College’. The board provides high level strategic advice to the principal of each school and to the College Council.

Members of the Partnership Board are:

Name Position
Ms Joanne Norton Chair
Ms Sue Healy Palmerston Senior College - Principal
Mr Steve Wheelhouse Palmerston Senior College Council - Chair
Ms JIll Hazeldine Rosebery Middle School - Principal
Ms Julie Studeman Rosebery Middle School Council - Chair
Ms Sharon Reeves Woodroffe Primary School - Principal
Ms Amber Stevens Woodroffe Primary School Council - Chair
Ms Shannon Hallatt Community member
Mr Paul Chin Community member
Doctor Aggie Wegner Community member
Vacant Community member
Miss Tess Fitzgerald Palmerston Senior College - College Captain 2017
Mr Kieran Davis Palmerston Senior College - College Captain 2017

Executive Officer for the board is Ms Robyn Smith, who may be contacted on 8935 0281 or connected.board@ntschools.net


College Council:
The Palmerston Senior College Council provides additional opportunities for community engagement in school governance.

Members of the College Council are as follows:

Name Position
Mr Steve Wheelhouse Chair
Ms Sue Healy Palmerston Senior College - Principal
Ms Peta Cork Parent representative
Vacant Parent representative
Vacant Parent representative
Mr Kieran Davis Student representative
Miss Tess Fitzgerald Student representative
Ms Charmain Scoggins Teacher representative


Contact the College Reception for further information, 8935 0222 or palmerston.senior@ntschools.net
Currently seeking Parent Representatives for the School Council.