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  • Deadline Policy

Work deadlines on the submission of Draft and Final Copies of assessment tasks ensure that all students are treated consistently and that equal time is given to all students to complete tasks.  Palmerston Senior College believes that the submission of the assessment task in Draft format (where appropriate) is crucial in that it allows for feedback to be provided and student’s best work to be submitted as the final copy.

Deadline Policy

  • College Uniform and Dress Code Policy

All students who enrol at Palmerston Senior College, including new enrolments and continuing enrolments, will be required to adhere to the College’s Uniform Policy and Dress Code. At the point of enrolment all students and parents will be required to complete a College Uniform Policy and Dress Code Agreement.

College Uniform and Dress Code Policy

College Dress Code Poster

  • ICT Acceptable Use Agreement

The overall goal of the College in this matter is to create and maintain a cybersafety culture which is in keeping with
the values of the school, and legislative and professional obligations. This use agreement includes information about
your obligations, responsibilities, and the nature of possible consequences associated with acceptable use breaches
which undermine the safety of the school environment.

ICT Acceptable Use Policy

  • Mobile Phone Policy

Palmerston Senior College accepts that parents give their children mobile phones to protect them from everyday risks involving personal security and safety. It is acknowledged that providing a child with a mobile phone gives parents reassurance that they can contact their child quickly.

The increased ownership of mobile phones and mp3 players requires that school administrators, teachers, students, and parents take steps to ensure that mobile phones, mp3 players are used responsibly within the school environment and do not interfere with student learning. At Palmerston Senior College uninterrupted teaching and learning and the rights of all students and teachers in this regard are priorities.
This Acceptable Student Use of Mobile Phones and MP3 players Policy is also designed to ensure that misuses involving cyber bullying and privacy infringements are addressed. This policy intends to provide clear instructions for the appropriate use of mobile phones and mp3 players during school hours and during all school and extra-curricular activities.

Mobile Phone Policy